Audi Connect. The following video clip will assist you to learn to install and make use of Audi connectВ®, a vital function associated with MMIВ® Navigation plus system that enables in-car Web connectivity.

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Establishing up Audi connect

Audi connectВ® configuration and installation

The video that is following allow you to learn to install and make use of Audi connectВ®, an integral function regarding the MMIВ® Navigation plus system that enables in-car online connectivity.

Configuration tutorials

This suite of technologies brings services like fuel cost updates, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bing Earthв„ў straight to your fingertips.

Activating your Wi-Fi hotspot

One of many key top features of Audi connectВ®, the Wi-Fi hotspot caters to all or any your people by supporting as much as eight devices that are wi-Fi-enabled.

Bing World

Along with its 3D map imagery, Bing Earthв„ў enriches your navigation experience with additional detail and viewpoint.

Including greater detail to Bing Maps

Bing Maps supplies the choice of viewing detailed information regarding organizations and landmarks that are key enabling you to explore your location prior to the journey starts.

Making use of Bing’s Aim of Interest Re Search

By deteriorating locations by category, Bing’s aim of Interest Search can help you more quickly locate a location, in a choice of your current vicinity or an area of one’s selecting.

Accessing myAudi destinations through Audi MMIВ®

Alternatively, locations conserved in your account that is myAudi can be accessed through the Audi MMIВ® system.

Browsing by vocals

Bing Voice Local Re Search saves you commitment by allowing you to look for locations through vocals command.

Suggestions Services

Audi connectВ® information services can offer you with news headlines, gas price updates, and information that is key organizations and landmarks.

Configure your connection settings

Getting your connection settings configured properly is crucial for all functions of Audi connectВ®.

Audi connectВ® gives you the decision to be prompted to validate your computer data connection, or just making it on or off by default.

Audi connectВ® enables you to efficiently move associates conserved in your account that is myAudi to automobile.

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SiriusXM Satellite broadcast

Audi supplies A siriusxm that is complementary subscription 3 months. To keep service beyond that true point, .


Satellite radio is sent via line-of-sight. Consequently, as soon as the line-of-sight is broken by hurdles such as for instance trees, overpasses, or tunnels the bond may temporarily be lost.

To utilize the entire functionality of Audi link, your car or truck must first be combined with a myaudi account. This enables you to deliver and handle locations Google that is using Maps along with down load them from your own automobile.

This waiting display will appear during system updates from Bing (which typically occur twice a week), once the language happens to be changed, or once the system happens to be reset to factory settings.

Mistake screens stating the aforementioned dilemmas would be the results of a lost information connection, that is often brought on by bad reception, not enough solution, or damaged equipment (i.e. SIM card, car antenna).

Built to enable you to utilize complete functionality of Audi connectВ®, an account that is myaudi one to handle locations from any web browser and down load them to your car or truck.

Utilizing Audi connectВ® involves first having a SIM card that has been pre-activated by your dealer. Should any problems arise, call Audi connectВ® at (877) 505-AUDI.

Make sure the Bing logo and data arrows are illuminated into the bottom right of the MMIВ® display.

Get rid of the SIM by gently pushing in the SIM card (you will hear a click since it’s released from the slot), very carefully eliminate the SIM through the slot, and reinsert the SIM by pushing carefully from the SIM unless you hear a simply click.

1. You will see the facts of your Audi connectВ® information plan by logging and visiting into 2. Here, you will have the ability to look at SIM, VIN, and invoice history connected with your account, along with expand your registration and see your community protection.

You shall get an email ahead of the date if your registration is planned to expire. You’ll be able to see or expand your membership by contacting or visiting any connect 24/7 at 1-877-505-2834 option 1.

1. “Network Status” indicates you may be presently making use of information through among the Audi connect® features 2. “MMI® system Status” suggests that the car is powered on with A sim that is active card

A protection map for the Audi connect® information carrier can be seen from in your Audi connect® account by picking the “Coverage” link over the the top of web page.

Audi customer care For those who have any relevant questions that need extra help, please contact us.

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