Harley Quinn (Bisexual). The clown princess of criminal activity is just a salacious flirt…

The clown princess of criminal activity is just a flirt that is salacious the girls and boys for the DC Universe, and even though she’s got been proven become lovesick when it comes to Joker, her longtime suspected relationship with Poison Ivy ended up being revealed as part of the character’s canon in Harley Quinn #15.

Dez Trevius (Gay)

A ring that is yellow person in the Sinestro Corps, Dez Trevius is regarded as Sinestro’s inner council whose sex ended up being recently revealed in Sinestro Annual number 1.

Mystique (Intimately Fluid, Gender Fluid)

Often a pal to your X guys but more frequently a foe, form shifting assassin Mystique is really a character whom defies categorization in terms of her sex. Mystique ended up being written to be able to have relationship with confidante Destiny, however the editorial authorities in the right time prevented it from being shown on web web page.

Ultimate Colossus (Gay)

An version that is alternative of main-stream Russian mutant, this Colossus starts being a reluctant hands dealer but sooner or later joins the X guys. After fighting many battles, Colossus types a platonic friendship because of the (still gay) Northstar.

James Howlett (Gay)

Another universe that is alternate, this type of Wolverine lusted following the god Hercules. The pair travel throughout proportions, hunting down evil Professor Xaviers.

Sara Lance (Bisexual)

a fighting techinques specialist trained by the League of Assassins, Sara Lance took regarding the code title Canary and had romantic relationships with both Oliver Queen (The Arrow) therefore the child of Ra’s al Ghul, Nyssa Raatko, in the CW series Arrow. She actually is the first LGBT superhero to come in a conventional TV show.

Nyssa Raatko (Lesbian)

The child of Ra’s Ghul that is al and user associated with the League of Assassins, Nyssa Raatko is a fighting techinques and tools master whoever fire in combat is matched just by her passion for Sara Lance.


As soon as an associate for the Brotherhood of Mutants, Irene Adler possesses the mutant capability of precognition. For several years she was at a relationship along with her form shifting teammate Mystique, plus the two raised an used child together a new mutant called Anna Marie who does later on end up being the X guy known as Rogue.

Sunfire II (Lesbian)

Mariko Yashida is really a mutant from a alternative planet in the Marvel Comics Universe whom possesses the capability to manipulate flaming power, which she can used to fire power blasts and fly.

Pied Piper (Gay)

Making their very first look long ago when you look at The Flash amount 1, #106, Hartley Rathaway had been once a part associated with the Scarlet Speedster’s villainous competitors the Rogues whom wielded a flute with hypnotic abilities. A professional in sonic technology, he later reformed, arrived of this wardrobe, and aided the Flash in a number of activities.

Parallel World Beast (Gay)

This type of the famous blue furred X guy from a parallel Earth was a character that is key the Marvel series Exiles and was the lover of this Earth’s ponder guy.

Bloke (Gay)

Shortly a member associated with super group X Force, Mickey Tork had been a mutant having the ability to alter their pores and skin, superhuman energy, and a higher degree of invulnerability. He had been killed for action during their very first objective with X Force.

Red Racer (Gay)

The fastest peoples alive on the planet 36, this measurement hero that is hopping a self professed “comic book nerd” whom discovered love along with his Justice 9 teammate Flashlight. He had been later recruited to become listed on President Superman of Earth 2’s team that is super Justice Incarnate, to protect every one of creation throughout the multiverse.

Madame Xanadu (Bisexual)

An immortal having a supernatural sensitivity to occult tasks, Madame Xanadu is amply trained in the magical arts and has now had romantic relationships with men and women.

Danny the road (Genderqueer)

Introduced within the pages of Doom Patrol, Danny the road is a real sentient stretch of roadway aided by the capacity to teleport and incorporate himself right into a town’s geography. He’s referred to as a transvestite with a personality that is flamboyant sidewalks in many cases are lined with shops such as for instance weapon stores https://chaturbatewebcams.com/males/muscle/ and shoe stores, that he decorates with usually feminine items such as for instance red lace.

Shining Knight (Intersex)

Debuting in Adventure Comics #66 (1941), Shining Knight is really a century that is sixth Knight for the Round Table and a part of King Arthur’s Court with magically empowered armor and tools along with a winged horse known as Victory. The smoothness had been reimagined within the 2005 miniseries Seven Soldiers and was later on revealed to end up being the intersex that is first in the DC Universe.

Scandal Savage (Lesbian)

Daughter regarding the immortal villain Vandal Savage and a part of this super team Secret Six, Scandal Savage has improved durability and that can regrow damaged organs. a ferocious fighter, she frequently employs a couple of wrist mounted blades tools which have remained inside her family members for many generations.

Knockout (Bisexual)

A previous Female Fury from Apokolips and later a user of both the Suicide Squad and Secret Six, Knockout possess superhuman durability and strength along with the power to regenerate. She’s got additionally had intimate relationships with both Superboy (Conner Kent) and Scandal Savage.

Elegance Choi (Bisexual)

Recruited by Green Arrow’s previous sidekick, Roy Harper (Arsenal), to join a reformed form of the super group referred to as Outsiders, Grace Choi is half Amazon and holds the gift suggestions associated with the gods Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia, which give her increased energy, durability, rate, and endurance.

Thunder (Lesbian)

Anissa Pierce, the child of Black Lightning, fundamentally joined up with the super squad Outsiders, where she met and became romantically a part of her teammate Grace Choi. This woman is a doctor that is trained the capabilities of thickness control, invulnerability, and power projection.

Hooded Justice (Gay)

A part associated with team referred to as Minutemen within the redefining that is genre Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Hooded Justice had been a nonpowered vigilante with a fetish for rough intercourse with teenage boys. He had been additionally in a relationship together with teammate Captain Metropolis.

Tasmanian Devil (Gay)

Hugh Dawkins is metahuman having the ability to develop into a werewolf like entity – the Tasmanian Devil with improved power, claws, and fangs. At different occuring times he’s been a known user of this Justice League and also the superteam referred to as worldwide Guardians.

Comet (Bisexual, Gender Fluid)

A greatly various take on Supergirl’s animal Comet the super horse, this type of the type ended up being introduced in Peter David’s Supergirl #14 (1997) and had been a winged centaur planet born angel that has been the combined kind of bisexual female Andrea Martinez together with heterosexual male jockey Andrew Jones.

Morph (Gay)

Benjamin Deeds exhibited capabilities during a professional mutant rally on their university campus. He had been then recruited by Emma Frost and Magik to become listed on the X guys, where he discovered to regulate their mutant ability the ability to just just take the appearance on and sound of another person.

ExtraГ±o (Gay)

Though DC Comics was struggling to clearly explain ExtraГ±o as homosexual as he first starred in Millennium #2, the magician that is hispanic coded with numerous stereotypes which have been related to homosexual guys to signal visitors that the initial gay hero within the DC Universe had appeared.